The Wayfarer's Strap Extender

  • Product Description

    This Strap Extender is the perfect solution for turning your Wayfarer's Mini Tote into a cross-body bag. Simply undo the middle of the strap that comes with your Mini Tote, loop the strap extender into each end of your strap, and you've got a longer strap, fit for a cross-body carry! These Strap Extenders are made to order, and I try my best to match the general color scheme of your Mini Tote. However, since this whole collection is made from recycled leather, it may not match the exact shade or texture of your current strap.

    The Earthwardens Collection

    This piece, as well as all of the products in The Earthwardens Collection, is handmade with entirely recycled leather. This means that the leather had a previous life, so there may be small cosmetic imperfections in the material. This gives the piece character, and I hope it reassures you that your purchase is making the smallest possible environmental impact. Purchasing this versatile item will help our dear Mother Earth grow, as I donate 10% of the sale directly to the charity One Tree Planted. All Earthwardens items are shipped with 100% post-consumer recycled packaging.

    This collection is limited edition, and released in small-batch shop drops. No two pieces are the same, and colors are very limited.

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