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I, Marin Cenwein Gardner, graduated from Massachusetts College of Art & Design in 2016 with a BFA in Sculpture and a focus in Costume Design and Metalsmithing. My senior thesis involved the exploration of storytelling through costume design, installation art, and interactive puzzle-solving. 

I work for Guard Up and their educational LARP summer camps as Art and Ethos Director. In this role, I design and create costumes, props, and sets used to create interactive, education environments. As well, I head up the management of hundreds of individual costumes, masks, props, and theatrical equipment.  For more information, please view my Resume.

During the months of November – February, I am available for commissioned work. One of my specialties is “visual storytelling,” or telling the complete story of a character through the costume. If you have a character that you love to play at LARPs, conventions, or any other venue, and you want to bring your costume to the next level, let me know through my contact page. I can either work with you to create a whole look, or concentrate on a single (or few) select pieces. I have experience in:

  • Pattern Making and Construction
  • Custom Corsetry
  • Leatherworking (Masks, Tooling, and Armor)
  • Jewelry and Metalsmithing
  • Set Design and Installation Art
  • Historical Costuming Research and Construction

Samples of each of the above are available in my Online Portfolio Gallery.