The Adventurer's Day Pack

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This Day Pack is perfectly sized to fit all of your daily needs. Pack your bag and step out your door, for your are ready to wander the woods, explore a new city, or simply take an aimless drive. The straps are both detachable and adjustable, so you might even decide to strap them together for a cross-body carry. The drawstring ensures a tight closure, and the covered pocket is perfect for keeping papers or maps. This piece will serve you well for many adventures to come.

Dimensions: Approximately 11"x8"x5" (Height, Width, Depth). Can easily fit multiple books, sketchbooks, tablets, etc.

Rune Customization:
See the last photo in this listing for a reference of the Elder Futhark runic alphabet. These runes were used by the ancient Germanic people (and early Viking Age) for recording information and channeling spiritual energy. You can choose one rune to personalize your piece, on the leather leaf or feather. If you do not specify a rune, I will choose one. You can also simply tell me the intended purpose or story of the piece (protection, health, prosperity, courage, etc) and I will choose the rune best suited to your purpose.

The Earthwardens Collection:
This piece, as well as all of the products in The Earthwardens Collection, is handmade with entirely recycled leather. This means that the leather had a previous life, so there may be small cosmetic imperfections in the material. This gives the piece character, and I hope it reassures you that your purchase is making the smallest possible environmental impact. Purchasing this versatile item will help our dear Mother Earth grow, as I donate 10% of the sale directly to the charity One Tree Planted. All Earthwardens items are shipped with 100% post-consumer recycled packaging. 

This collection is limited edition, and released in small-batch shop drops. No two pieces are the same. 

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