Goddess Ring Bracelet

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Crow Black
Buck Brown
Honey Brown
Hunter Green
Strawberry Wine
Cold Blue
Barley Gold
Storm Grey
Harvest Orange
  • Product Description

    This beautiful leather ring bracelet is the perfect accessory for the modern goddess. This versatile piece feels right at home at a festival, a ritual, a club night, or everyday wear. Be sure to check out the "Wrap Bracelet" for a matching set.


    Adjustable buckle, fits sizes 6" - 10" around the wrist

    The Triple Goddess Collection

    The Triple Goddess Collection is a collaborative collection created by Marin from Embercraft Creations, Shannon from Maevean Designs, and Saturday from Art By Night Studios. It celebrates collective femininity and natural cycles through ancient symbols, and is released in small-batch shop drops.

    While we make every effort to match the colors and product photos shown, no two pieces will be exactly the same. The pieces in this collection are made completely by hand from natural materials, and you can expect variations in color or natural markings which lend to the uniqueness of each piece.

    See more of Shannon's work on her website, Facebook page, and Instagram.
    See more of Saturday's work on Instagram.

Customer Reviews

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This was more of an impulse buy, but I’m so glad I got it. Just like everything else I’ve purchased from them, this was beautifully made and fits great.

Ashley P
Gorgeous piece!

Absolutely love it and cannot wait to order from this shop again!

Wonderful work!

This bracelet is amazing! It arrived much sooner than I expected for a custom piece, is comfortable and beautiful, and fits very well! I have tiny wrists, which was a concern, but there's still even one hole smaller than I need! I may have to trim the end a little, but for now it wraps around itself and holds very well. 10/10!

Emerald Valkyrja
Excellent product

I can only recommend this product! It's very well made, it arrived fairly quickly for something that is handmade like this, was of course fully intact, and is both very comfortable and looks great. The strap to afix it to ones wrist is also quite long, offering a number of size adjustments.

Absolutely love!

I'm in love with this bracelet and how buttery smooth the leather is. The harvest orange adds a lovely pop of color to my outfits.