Coaster Set Virtual Class Recording

*This live class has now passed. Purchase this listing for access to the recorded video of the live class*

The art of crafting with leather is one of the oldest skills in human history. Our ancestors have been working with this ancient material since before the earliest legends, and it has shaped us in a foundational, sacred way. Connect with your primal origins and learn how to carve, tool, sew, and burnish with detailed instruction. Let’s craft together around this online campfire, and remember our roots.

Using your new Tool Pack, outfitted with all of the tools you need, you will learn all of the basic leatherworking skills and craft your own piece from my simple pre-cut leather Crafter’s Kit.

Your registration and sign-in information will be emailed to you within a week of purchase. This class will be hosted by Needfire Apothecary, and taught by Marin of Embercraft Creations. Class will be live, and a recording will also be sent to all registered students.

Be sure to add the Coaster Set Crafter's Kit and the Tool Pack to your order, so that you can join in the crafting fun.

Sunday, April 4, 2021 3pm - 4:30pm EST

Lesson #2: Crafting a set of coasters, adorned with a bindrune for protection of the home and family.