12 Inch Valet Tray Virtual Class

Purchase this listing if you want to sign up for the virtual leatherworking class covering the 12 Inch Valet Tray Crafter's Kit. Your registration and sign-in information will be emailed to you within a week of purchase. This class will be hosted by Needfire Apothecary, and taught by Marin of Embercraft Creations. Class will be live, and a recording will also be sent to all registered students.

By purchasing this listing, you are only registering for the Virtual Class. Be sure to add the 12 Inch Valet Tray Crafter's Kit and the Tool Pack to your order, so that you can join in the crafting fun.

Sunday, July 4, 2021 3pm - 5:00pm EST

Lesson #5: Crafting a 12” valet tray, adorned with the most complex knotwork of the course, and a bindrune for inner shadow work and self improvement.

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