Video Instructions

Video Instructions:

1. Both videos should be vertical, with a 9:16 ratio. Videos need to be under 50 MB.

2. Record your first video dressed in everyday clothing, catching your chosen Rune from your left side (the right side of the video frame). If you have someone there to help, have them gently toss is to you. End this video by holding the rune up to the camera, moving it toward the camera until the rune covers the entire screen.

3. Record your second video in your most festive, mythic Yuletide garb, Get creative and have fun with it! Begin your video with your chosen rune covering the camera. Pull it away from the camera to reveal your beautiful transformation, and end the video by tossing your rune to your right side (the left side of the video frame). Feel free to include some creative improvisation or motions before tossing your rune, to fully showcase your garb.

Now all you have to do is wait for the submission form to go live, and spread the word to your loved ones!


If your video does not meet the requirements mentioned above, it will not be included in the final project.