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Apply to be a Paid Presenter

We are currently looking for more presenters, performers, and panelists to take part in our virtual event! Do you have magical skills or knowledge that you would like to share with our live audience? Apply to be a Presenter and tell us all about your idea. 

Within the application, you can choose the time slots and duration that fit your needs. Be sure to be as detailed as possible with your description.

If accepted, you will be compensated with a one-time payment of $50 for your presentation. Payments will be sent the day after the event.

Deadline to apply is October 1st.

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Apply to be a Vendor

We're currently looking for more vendors for our virtual event! If you are accepted as a vendor, you can either join as a free vendor or a Featured Vendor. Both options will allow you to post your available products using the Instagram Hashtag in the weeks leading up to the event. Your business name will also be added to our list of verified vendors.

Featured Vendors can take advantage of our additional advertising opportunities for a $50 fee. Featured Vendors will be added to our Event cover photo, their work will be promoted in our Event Page every week in October, and they will be given a 10-15 minute time slot during the Live Broadcast in which to advertise their work to our audience.

Deadline to apply is October 1st.

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Send in your queries, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If you are interested in becoming a vendor or presenter, be sure to fill out the Application Form above.

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