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Luna Veronica Mystic

When you are born with certain gifts you grow up believing that everyone else has these same qualities.  It was only later in life when I realized that my empathic and intuitive nature was unique.

I am devoted to transcending the spiritual visions and inspirations of my heart into concrete messages that facilitates deep healing and conscious awakening. 

As a clairvoyant, my ability to foresee certain events and manifest visions became paramount that I needed to dive deeper into the realms of mysticism.  As a way to channel my energy I turned to tarot cards, astrology, crystal ball gazing, healing rituals and meditation. 

In my spare time I enjoy connecting with nature, crafting, expressing myself through dance, performance art, circus and modelling. I am deeply moved by spirituality and working hard against self doubt and societal constructs. I am an advocate of love and feel passionate about being alive on this planet.

Opal Raven Cirque

Opal Raven is an award-winning sword fusion dancer and circus performer based out of Western Massachusetts. She has been performing for over a decade across New England and the Tri-State area from faerie festivals and pagan celebrations to grand theatres and casinos. With a unique blend of fusion oriental dance, martial arts, hip hop, ritual fusion, and burlesque, Opal brings to life a special combination of theatrics and intensity to each of her shows.

A practicing eclectic witch, she draws on the energy of her gods and goddesses to fuel her acts. Special for Pagan Spirits, she has combined her favorite ritual sword performances with her new incorporation of fire sets to create a one woman fire and sword celebration of the harvest and the gods.

Life After Midnight

Kristin Harris is a Public Historian from Salem, Massachusetts. In 2013, Kristin moved to Salem from Philadelphia to pursue her M.A. in American Studies from UMASS Boston, and completed her studies in 2015. Kristin has been a public historian for 7 years, first starting her career working at the Witch House, and the 1630 Pioneer Village in Salem as a museum educator/historical interpreter. She later went on to give public walking tours of Salem for a while, until she started full time as Historical Interpreter, and Lead Actor at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, where she currently works. It was in this role both that Kristin first connected her love for the paranormal with public history, and realized that the two could mesh as a field of academic study.

Currently, Kristin uses her academic training to host a podcast, Life After Midnight: Strange History, Salem Style. The relationship between the paranormal and historical research, and it’s importance to public history have been Kristin’s main research interests, along with the Anthropological Study of Death and Dying in American Culture, and popular culture. 

Selena Joy Lovett

Hi, I'm Selena Joy Lovett, a Psychic Medium.  My passions are Tarot Cards and talking to spirits.  I love them and have always had a deep connection with them. I have even created my own set and book, "The Journey to Enlightenment", because that's what I feel Tarot is all about. Yes, they can predict some happenings in the future but more importantly they can empower you so you can achieve what you want. They can point out what is chaining you and blocking you from your true potential and then armed with this knowledge you can blast past them to become the person your dream or being, self-healing to enable your journey to enlightenment.

If you need some insight and guidance please join me for some free tarot readings for the event.  I will only be able to offer mini readings as I would love to get to read for as many people as possible. I also have some Shapeshifter and Shadow & Light Cards to play with at their favorite time of year - Halloween!

Strega Lizzie's Broom Closet

Hello Boils and Ghouls,

I am Strega Lizzie, your Gothic Italian American witch host with the most!
You can totally just call me Lizzie!

I was initiated into The Celtic Tradition 15 years ago, and have been a solo practitioner for the past 10 years. Very early in my Education Hades and Persephone made it known that they would be my patron Deities. I have worked with them ever since and although I consider myself eclectic in my work with Deities, my heart and soul belong to them unequivocally. 

In April of this year, My Gods and Ancestors let it be known it was time to bring the workings of The Strega to masses. I choose the name Strega Lizzie's Broom Closet to honor my Southern Italian and Welsh Ancestors whose Folk Magic has been all but forgotten. The goal of The Broom Closet is to provide Magical Education, tools, and workings that are both effective and Secretive. Asè and Blessed be! 

Sonja Peric

Greetings, fellow herb enthusiasts!

My name is Sonja. I’m from Serbia and since I’ve been a little girl I’ve been dreaming of my little cottage in the woods with herbs drying in the kitchen and racks full of oils, salves and mystery jars.

Working with herbs has been a life long learning process, and still is. They have incredible wisdom and potential to help us on all levels, physically, emotionally and energetically.

To coexist in this world with all beings as your allies and helpers is what true magic is all about. To be open and receptive and live as a part of one big planetary family.

On the workshop we will talk about herbal allies that can help us work with our lungs and heart, in these difficult times of uncertainty and grief. To keep ourselves healthy and our hearts open and blossoming.

Stephanie Willimon

Hello and bright blessings, my lovelies! My name is Stephanie Willimon and I hail from the state of South Carolina. I have been a solitary creature of the craft for over 20 years. In the beginning of my path in the craft, the only term used for our kind was Wiccan. It wasn't until more recent years did I get a far more suiting term: "kitchen witch".

Through the years, I have focused on ritualistic craft incorporating color magick, candle magick, herbalism and it's magical properties, crystal healing and creating natural remedies to use for bodily ailments. I also incorporate magick in my cooking and baking! In my spare time I paint, bake, spend time outdoors and collect all things vintage and folk art Halloween items. 

Thank you for being a part of my magical journey! 
Merry meet and blessed be! 

Unknown Yogi

My name is Megan Leigh, I have been practicing yoga for 17 years and have been teaching since 2016. I was driven to teach yoga because I wanted to show that there is more to yoga then just fancy and complicated looking poses, but how your body, mind, and spirit all work as one to achieve a goal. I did not start out loving yoga or even getting it. I could never match my breath with the instructors. Then in the middle of a yoga class while I was in Warrior lll, something clicked. I knew then yoga was for me. I started to explore all aspects of yoga and what besides the physical aspect does it help. I completed my Yoga Instructor Certification and it hasn't stopped there. Being someone who has PTSD, I started to explore the healing aspects that yoga has on the mind and spirit, this lead me to the path I am on now. Since, I have attained certification in PTSD/Trauma Yoga, Advanced Yoga, Yoga for Children, and Holistic Nutritional Counselor and most recently became a Certified Yoga Therapist.

About a year ago my friends asked if I would teach yoga at their apothecary, how could I say no? Unknown Yogi was born.