The Heathen's Yule Ornament

  • Product Description

    This is the perfect Yule Ornament for the modern Viking or Shieldmaiden. Adorn your tree with runic magic this holiday season to show off your Heathen nature. On the off-season, it makes a great addition to your altar, home decor, or even a pendant for your rearview mirror.

    The Everyday Heathen Line

    Celebrate your heathen spirit with useful everyday items, made-to-order with your color specifications and personalized with your choice of runes or bindrune. This piece, along with the other items in my Everyday Heathen Line, are perfect holiday gifts for loved ones.

    The Nature of Handmade

    While I make every effort to match the color swatches and product photos shown, no two pieces will be exactly the same. Leather is a natural material and you can expect variations in color or natural markings which lend to the uniqueness of each piece.

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