The Warrior's Arm Bracers

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    These rune carved leather bracers are the perfect accessory for LARP, SCA, Renaissance Faires, festivals, and more. These bracers are adorned with either the Ægishjálmur ("Helm of Terror") magical stave, a Nordic Raven, or a Mjölnir. The Ægishjálmur is an ancient Icelandic magical symbol that is intended to induce fear, protect the warrior, and prevail in battle. Mjölnir is the name of Thor's mythical hammer. Your pair of bracers will be personalized with your choice of Runic inscription, and dyed with your choice of colors.

    Size chart is available in the listing photos.

    The Warrior's Series

    The Warrior's Series features several unique rune-carved garb and costume accessories, custom made to your order specifications and carved with your choice of runes or bindrune.

    The Nature of Handmade

    While I make every effort to match the color swatches and product photos shown, no two pieces will be exactly the same. Leather is a natural material and you can expect variations in color or natural markings which lend to the uniqueness of each piece.

Customer Reviews

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Best bracers I've owned

These are incredibly sturdy and well-made. I bought mine for Renn Faire, but I can easily see these being used more practically for archery. They are exactly what I wanted and are stunning. Marin's quality is amazing!

Steffen Thomas

I was so excited for my new bracer. In the beginning of May i order it. End of may she sent it to me. After stress with German post etc. Marin was so helpful she write emails and called some Instances, without answers. Unbelivable that it cames one day. Beginning of August it gets delivered to me. I was so happy and some days later I tryed him at an parcour for bow shooting. He is pleasant to wear for hours and protects.

I only can say i will order again and it is worth to wait up to some months.

Ich habe mich so auf den neuen Armschutz gefreut. Anfang Mai bestellte ich ihn und Ende Mai hat Sie ihn versendet. Nach einigem Stress mit dem Zoll, der Deutscher Post etc. war Marin so hilfsbereit und hat sich auch dran gesetzt und nachgeforscht bei der Deutschen Post und anderen Instanzen ohne jeglichen Erfolg. Dann auf einmal ohne Benachrichtigung kommt der Armschutz Anfang August an. Ich war so glücklich darüber das er ankam. Das ich wenige Tage später zum Bogen-Parcour gefahren bin. Er ist stundenlang sehr angenehm zu tragen und schütz Hervorragend vor der Sehne vom Bogen.

Ich kann ihn nur jeden empfehlen und es ist absolut Wert auch Monate zu warten. <3

Devon Jameson
These came out beautiful!

These came out beautiful! I highly recommend this shop!