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This rune carved leather kidney belt is the perfect accessory for LARP, SCA, Renaissance Faires, festivals, and more. This Viking-style belt is adorned with either the Ægishjálmur ("Helm of Terror") magical stave, a Nordic Raven, or a Mjölnir. The Ægishjálmur is an ancient Icelandic magical symbol that is intended to induce fear, protect the warrior, and prevail in battle. Mjölnir is the name of Thor's mythical hammer. Your belt will be personalized with your choice of Runic inscription, and dyed with your choice of colors.

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This online collection features ready-made products that are left over from vending at Renaissance Faires during the summer and fall. This means that nothing is customizable, and everything is first-come, first-serve. Each piece is engraved with a Rune or Bindrune, the meaning of which is represented in the Style name and corresponds with its number. Since some of these pieces have been traveling with me from Faire to Faire, there may be minor scuffs or marks on the leather, which is why everything in this collection has been discounted from its original price. Each unique design is completely my own, and I made each item by hand.


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