Fenrir's Wolf Mask

  • Product Description

    This custom, handmade and hand-molded leather wolf mask is sure to awaken the beast within you. Featuring thick leather and a durable, adjustable leather strap, this costume piece is perfect for LARP, SCA, Halloween, Renaissance Faires, festivals, or even pagan rituals.

    Mythic Beasts

    This Collection of handmade leather masks & headdresses is inspired by the creatures and animals of ancient mythology. Each unique design is completely my own, and each piece is individually hand-sculpted, carved with your choice of runes, and dyed with your choice of colors.

    The Nature of Handmade

    While I make every effort to match the color swatches and product photos shown, no two pieces will be exactly the same. Leather is a natural material and you can expect variations in color or natural markings which lend to the uniqueness of each piece.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

All of her masks are gorgeous and well made.

Gentry McGuire
Gorgeous, unique and surprisingly comfortable

It was 100° at my local Faire when I wore my Fenrir mask for the first time. It was totally comfortable, and its uniqueness definitely stood out. I got so many compliments. I love all my pieces from Embercraft so much.

Love it

Where to begin. Firstly she was very kind and responsive to any questions I had. The mask came in earlier than I thought it would which was a welcomed surprise. It looks great and very solidly built. Can't wait to wear it at my next convention.

Awesome Craftsmanship!

I’m SO HAPPY with the awesome craftsmanship of Fenrir’s Wolf Mask! I’m so impressed with the details, the form, the fit, the awesome bindrune…everything with this beautiful mask! I’ve ordered several pieces from Embercraft Creations, and I would like to thank Marin for her amazing artistic abilities, her craftsmanship, and all of the care that she takes to make every single one of her pieces with skill and care!

Crafted With Care

I ordered this recently as a birthday gift for my partner and she loved it! The detail is amazing and the mask feels very sturdy. I contacted the seller a few times along the way to update my specifications and to check on its progress, and she very promptly got back to me each time. I can’t wait to see my partner dancing with it at a festival!