The Forager's Bag Bundle

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    This eco friendly reusable string bag will prove to be a handy companion for your next trip to the grocery store, along with its recycled leather wrap. As well as a way to carry your Ecobag when it's not in use, the wrap also acts as a handle cover for added comfort when snapped vertically. The D-Ring makes it very convenient to use with the Wanderer's Carry Strap (separate product) so consider getting a matching set!

    The Earthwardens Collection

    This piece, as well as all of the products in The Earthwardens Collection, is handmade with entirely recycled leather. This means that the leather had a previous life, so there may be small cosmetic imperfections in the material. This gives the piece character, and I hope it reassures you that your purchase is making the smallest possible environmental impact. Purchasing this versatile item will help our dear Mother Earth grow, as I donate 10% of the sale directly to the charity One Tree Planted. All Earthwardens items are shipped with 100% post-consumer recycled packaging.

    This collection is limited edition, and released in small-batch shop drops. No two pieces are the same, and colors are very limited.

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