Lunar Calendar Leather Cuff Bracelet Set

Crow / Strawberry
Buck / Hunter
Cold / Storm
Honey / Harvest
  • Product Description

    This beautiful leather cuff bracelet set is the perfect accessory for a powerful moon witch. As well as being a versatile piece that fits with any outfit, this cuff helps you keep track of the moon phase with interchangeable hardware. Featuring a full set of handmade bronze-cast moon phase hardware by Maevean Designs and convenient snaps, this piece is sure to make you feel connected to the moon mother in all her majesty. Each cuff comes with a full set of moon phase hardware (5 pieces).


    Adjustable buckle, fits sizes 5" - 8.5" around the wrist.

    The Triple Goddess Collection

    The Triple Goddess Collection is a collaborative collection created by Marin from Embercraft Creations, Shannon from Maevean Designs, and Saturday from Art By Night Studios. It celebrates collective femininity and natural cycles through ancient symbols, and is released in small-batch shop drops.

    While we make every effort to match the colors and product photos shown, no two pieces will be exactly the same. The pieces in this collection are made completely by hand from natural materials, and you can expect variations in color or natural markings which lend to the uniqueness of each piece.

    See more of Shannon's work on her website, Facebook page, and Instagram.
    See more of Saturday's work on Instagram.

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