Lorna's Custom Scabbard - RESERVED

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- Both designs feature a real wooden core, shaped to your sword, with a wool felt-lined interior to protect your blade. The wooden core is fully wrapped with leather, which is tooled and layered on cording or other layers of leather to produce "raised" designs and structure for the straps to sit in. 
- True to your desired color scheme, both designs are an antiqued brown color with black strap accents (to match the leather wrapping on the handle).
- Both designs come with two adjustable straps, which fit to the D rings on either side of the scabbard and hang your sword off of your Knotwork Belt.
- Both designs feature 2 bindrunes on either side of the scabbard, which correspond to Frigga (home, family life, hearth, etc) and Freyja (battle, war, spirituality, epic myths, etc)
- Includes wrap straps that hold the sword in place. Straps sit nicely in between the raised areas and underneath the leather "bridge".
- Features larger, more detailed tooled designs of Frigga and Freyja on either side of the scabbard. Goddess designs are done in the "Osberg" style, dated between 800-875.
- Features "Borre" style (850-950) Knotwork down the length of the blade
- Features a silver metal "chape" at the tip, with cast Borre style Knotwork