Kurt's Custom Bracer & Belt Set - RESERVED

- Lamellar style bracers with riveted leather layers.
- Bracers feature your character's house sigi on the center piece, with knotwork extending downward. Sigil includes stag head with layered scroll and quill, representative of your character's lawkeeper/lorekeeper traits.
- Buckled wrist strap has Tiwaz, Mannaz, Hagalaz, Ingwaz bindrune.
- Bracers have white/brown rabbit fur edge lining.
- Belt is one of my Utility belts with 4 D-Ring attachments around the waist, but fitted with a simple silver buckle rather than an O-Ring. Belt has knotwork stamped along its full length, with your Bindrune carved at the end of the tail. 
- The D-Ring attachments for the belt, the wrist straps for the bracers, and the leather lacing for the bracers would all be brown to accent the blue/black base of these pieces. Silver hardware, as requested.


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