Custom Fit Celtic Barefoot Shoes

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These soft leather shoes are custom fit to your footprint, so they'll fit like a glove. They're the perfect lightweight shoe for meandering through the forest. While wearing them, you'll feel the pleasures of being barefoot, while also protecting the soles of your feet. Made in the style of the Iron Age Celtic shoes found at the Hallstatt archaeological site, these shoes are sure to connect your spirit to the ancient culture, and make you feel at one with the natural world. These versatile shoes are perfect for LARP, SCA, Renaissance Faires, festivals, or just a nice stroll through the woods. The supple leather top laces to your unique foot shape, and the thicker vegetable-tanned leather sole will mold to your foot over time.

These shoes are completely handmade and custom-fit to your footprint. In order to get the best fit possible, you will need to upload a traced drawing of your footprint to your order...

  • Trace the outside of your foot on a white piece of paper.
  • Place a standard ruler or measuring tape next to this drawing, and take a photo from above. Be sure that the ruler isn't covering any of the tracing, and capture the entire ruler and drawing in the image.
  • Upload the picture.

These are handmade and custom-fit to your footprint, which means that it will be handcrafted from high-quality leather just for you, and shipped to you in 4-6 weeks.

These shoes are for historical reenactment purposes. Daily use on pavement or sidewalks will damage the sole over time.

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