Brand Ambassador Program

I'm so happy to hear that you're interested in joining forces and supporting my work! Take a look at the run-down of my Ambassador Program, and fill out the Registration form honestly - I do not discriminate against potential candidates because of any religion, sex, orientation, or race. If it turns out we're a good fit for each other, I'll be so excited to welcome you to the team! I'll review your application soon and email you with setup instructions upon acceptance.

What I'm Looking For...

  • A strong social media presence, through Tiktok, Facebook or Instagram
  • A unique and creative style
  • Authenticity and trustworthiness.

 What's Expected Of An Ambassador...

  • Promotion of Embercraft Creations' products, news, information, and membership content, by way of social media. 
  • High resolution, high quality photos and videos emailed to 
  • Brand engagement - learn the answers to common questions about Embercraft Creations, and be prepared to engage with followers about my work.
  • Regular posting - aim to post high quality photos and videos to your Instagram (and/or Tiktok) feed at least 2 times a month, with (at minimum) weekly mentions in your Instagram stories. Of course, I know very well that sometimes life requires flexibility. If you think a different schedule would work better for you, be sure to reach out so we can discuss your custom schedule.
  • You'll be added to the Embercraft Creations Brand Ambassador Instagram message group for regular updates on Embercraft news, promotions, information, and upcoming collections.

Compensation And Perks...

  • After you are accepted as an Ambassador, I will be crafting you a free starter pack of personalized products. Your starter pack will be crafted and shipped to you within 2-3 weeks. Once you receive your starter pack, you are ready to start posting!
  • As well as the starter pack, I may also be sending you other free products for promotion in the future, depending on your success as an Ambassador and my marketing needs.
  • Each Ambassador will be receiving a unique coupon code that they can promote to their followers. Each time a customer makes an order using your coupon code, the sale will be tracked. When the balance of your code-driven sales reaches $500 (shipping fees and taxes not included), I will let you know, and you can either choose to be compensated with a $50 payment though Paypal (10%) or a $100 Gift Card redeemable for any products at (20%).
  • All approved Ambassadors will be given a free Emberkin Membership, which includes access to exclusive weekly blog posts, and 20% off any future orders.

What Makes This Program Stand Out?

There are a lot of Brand Ambassador Programs out there. I'm hoping that my program stands out as being a great opportunity for my Ambassador Team. I want to support you as an artist and a model, which is why my Ambassador program requires no payments or purchases on your behalf, and offers a flexible posting schedule. I look forward to working with you, and I can't wait to start supporting each other!